• Fully Integrated High Precision Manufacturing Center
  • 100% Confidentiality Guaranteed Throughout
  • 45,000 Sq. Ft. Climate Controlled Facility
  • Secure, Electronic Material Handling
  • Expansive Quality Support Department
  • Supplemental Support Stations

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Our Facility

Welcome to EverFab

Our 45,000 sq. ft. climate controlled facility consists of multiple manufacturing cells, engineering and quality control labs, conference rooms, training sites and offices throughout. Our various supplemental work areas such as our tool kitting room, finishing/deburr lab, and separate gauge room are what makes our facility unique. Our highly skilled and diverse team will develop innovative solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and is dedicated to 100% quality and on-time delivery. This is why EverFab continues to be New York State’s most advanced Integrated High Precision Manufacturing Center.

Facility Facility

Our Business Offices:

Human Resources, Accounting, and Sales are located in our front offices where we maintain a professional, highly organized atmosphere that ensures strict customer- supplier and employee confidentiality at all times.

Facility Facility

3D Optical Measurement Lab:

The 3D Contouring Lab here at EverFab also contains a variety of specialty equipment to support our shops, such as several high powered Nikon Superscopes with capabilities up to 6,000 power and 10 nm resolution.

Facility Facility

Nozzle, Fabrication & Micro-Manufacturing:

Our Nozzle, Fabrication and Micro-Manufacturing departments design, manufacture and supply precision end effectors, nozzles and complex assemblies for the electronics industry. We accurately machine and measure micro components to close tolerances using our specialized CNC milling and turning equipment as well as our multi–axis EDMs. This department is comprised of uniquely designed work-sites such as elastomer grinding, fluid dispense, and precision cleaning.

Facility Facility Facility

Material Handling

The Shipping/Receiving/Materials department within our company provides a secure bonded area for inventory management. Company procedures assure traceability through bar–coding and securely maintained document control.

Facility Facility
Facility Facility

Our material receiving department also contains two loading docks, an overhead crane, conveyer and other equipment to assist in the receiving of various sized material.

Our Manufacturing Environment:

Our highly–integrated manufacturing environment has been designed for flexibility through standardization and consists of approximately 60 primary machines, 30 secondary and extensive support equipment. Digital tool kitting and gauge labs also provide support to manufacturing.

In addition, our team is provided with support equipment such as over 45 high quality Nikon stereoscopes (up to 50 power) and access to our multi–stationed computer network.

Facility Facility

Production and Engineering:

At EverFab, we provide a direct link between our customers and their orders while guaranteeing 100% confidentiality. We possess an exclusive engineering and pre–production office located directly off of the shop floor in order to facilitate immediate communication. We will work directly with our customers’ engineering departments in order to ensure the accuracy of all orders and projects.

Our Digital Manufacturing Environment extends from our engineering capabilities (Unigraphics NX) to our state–of–the–art manufacturing and validation equipment. In addition, our secure company–wide information system creates a real time view of customers’ orders. We can receive requests in nearly any format and provide accurate price and lead time information.

Facility Facility Facility

Quality Support / Validation:

100% quality and on time delivery is our main priority here at EverFab; that is why we have invested in top of the line validation equipment to supply our quality control lab. We also have an additional designated gauge room designed to maintain organization and productivity, which utilizes GageTrak software for gage kitting, tracking and calibration of nearly 1,000 gauges.

Facility Facility Facility

Additional Facilities:

Our facility also contains a multi-functional training room, two conference rooms, lunchroom and assembly area.

Facility Facility Facility