• Customized Assembly and Packaging Solutions
  • Supply, Test and Document all Components in Assembly / Sub–Assembly
  • Flexible Kitting and Packaging Streamlines Your Assembly Process
  • Simplifies Tracking and Inventory Management

Our Experience Is Your Best Investment

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Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies & Kits

EverFab, Inc. saves its customers considerable time and money by providing customized assembly and packaging solutions.

Assembly and Sub–Assembly:

This advantage to our customer is that we supply, test and document each of the components of a sub–assembly or final product assembly, managing each part from scheduling to delivery and consistently providing a reduced time to market.

Kitting and Final Packaging:

Our kits are constructed to our customers’ specifications and offer an easy and convenient way to order components that are ready to assemble.

Our ability to custom kit and package eliminates the need for multiple orders, simplifying the tracking and inventory management process.