• Increased Thruput
  • Simultaneous 5–7 Axis CNC Machining in a Single Workholding
  • Greater Flexibility, Closer Tolerancing and Higher Accuracy

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5-7 Axis CNC Machining

Here at EverFab, we have been continuously refining our processes to increase thruput and achieve a higher degree of accuracy.

Continuous investments in new technology including the duplication of key equipment increases scheduling flexibility, eliminates single point failures and also supports our ability to provide a quality product with 100% on time delivery.

Simultaneous 5 Axis Contour Milling:

The EverFab team first developed their 5 axis equipment and processes in 1995. Since then, we have been utilizing Simultaneous 5 Axis CNC Machining to produce complex three dimensional shapes, placing features normal to any surfaces, in any angular position in a single workholding. This capability has made it possible to generate a higher degree of accuracy from one feature to another while consistently increasing productivity.

7 Axis Multi–Tasking:

7 Axis multi-tasking capabilities take our machining potential to the next level, providing unsurpassed processing flexibility, closer tolerencing, and simply put, “done-in-one.”